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Narrated By Ibn Juraij : 'Ata' said, "Jabir bin 'Abdullah said, 'The Prophet went out on the Day of 'Id-ul-Fitr and offered the prayer before delivering the Khutba Sahih Al-Bukhari Book: The Two Festivals

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  • Safar
  • 1440


Ṣafar صفر (void), The second month of the Lunar calendar. There are many misconceptions prevalent amongst the people regarding this month. Such as bad lucks, not holding marriages in this month.

Title Hijri Dates Description
Hazrat Ali (R A ) married Hazrat Fatima (R.A.) Safar 2HHazrat Ali (R A ) married Hazrat Fatima (R.A.), (the daughter of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) in the latter days of Safar 2 A.H.
Saeed Bin Noman (RA)21 Safar 12HSaeed bin Noman (RA) reached Medina via the news of the victory of the Mazzar.
Sultan Saleem The First 7 Safar 918HSultan Salim The First was acquiring on 7 Safar 918 AH / 24 April 1512 Authentic power and he ruled till 9 Shawal 926 AH / September 1520.
Fight of Mazaar1 Safar 12H250 km away from Kazima (in Iraq) the fight of Mazaar fought between Khalid bin Waleed (RA) and Qaran bin Qaryans.
Shrine1 Safar 12HIn this war, Iranian commander was Salar Bin Qaryans. Khalid (R.A) Killed him and the Iranian defeated.The 30,000 soldiers of the Iranian army were fielded in the battlefield.