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Narrated By Anas : Allah's Apostle said, "From among the portents of the Hour are (the following): 1. Religious knowledge will be taken away (by the death of Religious learned men). 2. (Religious) ignorance will prevail. 3. Drinking of Alcoholic drinks (will be very common). 4. There will be prevalence of open illegal sexual intercourse. Sahih Al-Bukhari Book: Knowledge (3)

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  • Shawwal
  • 1439


Shawwāl شوال (raised), The tenth month in the lunar Islamic Calendar. It means uplift/breakage, Taken from the word 'Shala' which means 'when the female camel gets pregnant'. When this name was given, the female camels used to get pregnant during this time of the year. First date of shawwal is Eid ul Fitar.

Title Hijri Dates Description
Eid ul Fitar1 Shawwal 1438HThe first day of Shawwāl is Eid al-Fitr. Muslim celebrate this Eid for 3 Days.
Hazrat Saad (RA)21 Shawwal 15HHazrat Saad (RA) Left from Qadsiya To Lissan.
Hashem Bin Attba Bin Abi Waqas (RA)28 Shawwal 12HHashem Bin Attba Abi Waqas (RA) departure from city of Madinah to join troops of Abu Obadiah (RA)
Ghazwa Khandaq Shawwal 5HGhazwah al-Khandaq‎ also known as the Battle of the Confederates (Arabic: غزوة الاحزاب‎, translit. Ghazwah al-Ahzab‎), was a 27-day-long siege of Medina.
Death of Al Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Shawwal 95HAl Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Died in Wasit City, Iraq. Abd al-Malik gave al-Hajjaj the governorship of the Hijaz, Yemen, and al-Yamama. As governor. After Few Years In early 694, Caliph Abd al-Malik sent al-Hajjaj to govern Iraq. He stayed in Iraq till his death.