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Narrated By Abu Musa : The Prophet was asked about things which he did not like, but when the questioners insisted, the Prophet got angry. He then said to the people, "Ask me anything you like." A man asked, "Who is my father?" The Prophet replied, "Your father is Hudhafa." Then another man got up and said, "Who is my father, O Allah's Apostle ?" He replied, "Your father is Salim, Maula (the freed slave) of Shaiba." So when 'Umar saw that (the anger) on the face of the Prophet he said, "O Allah's Apostle! We repent to Allah (Our offending you)." Sahih Al-Bukhari Book: Knowledge (3)

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  • Ramazan
  • 1440


Ramaḍān رمضان (burning heat), Ninth month of the Islamic Calendar. Derived from "RAMADHA", literally means "intense heat". AS it is Holly month for Fasting, reason which has been mentioned is that due to fasting the temperature within the stomach increases, again the element of heat is a factor behind the actual naming of RAMADAN.

Title Hijri Dates Description
Defeat the Haspanvy Army28 Ramazan 92HTariq bin Zadad gave an exciting sermon to his army, It has a great importance in Islamic literature.It was eight days' fight and finally the Haspanvy army defeated and Shah Radrak escaped but not known his end.
Hasan Bin Ali 15 Ramazan 624HImam Hasan Bin Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib "Hasan," his father and his younger brother Imam Aleh Salam, was the second Imam.
Conquest of Makkah20 Ramazan 630HThe conquest of Mecca is the historical event when Mecca capitulated and was conquered by Muslims on 11 January 630., 20 Ramadan, 8 AH The prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) started the journey on 6 Ramadan and entered Mecca on 18 Ramadan.
Conquest of Sarqosa1 Ramazan 264HAhmed Bin Aghlab has conquest the Sarqosa . He had Siege this city for nine months.More than 4,000 Romans were killed in this war.Muslims was meet much money by sarqosa. Muslims stayed there for 2 months.This incident was introduced in Africa in the rule of Ibrahim Bin Mohammad bin Ahmad Bin Aghlab.
Khadija bint Khuwaylid Death Day10 Ramazan 567HKhadijah, Khadījah bint Khuwaylid was the first wife. Khadijah was the closest to Muhammad and confided in her the most out of all his following wives.