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Narrated By Abbad bin Tamim : From his uncle who said, "The Prophet went out to invoke Allah for rain. He faced the Qibla invoking Allah. He turned over his cloak (inside out) and then offered two Rakat and recited the Qur'an aloud in them." Sahih Al-Bukhari Book: Invoking Allah for Rain (15)

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  • Jamadi-ul-Awwal
  • 1440


Jamadi-ul-Awwal جمادی الاولیٰ (the first of parched land), Fifth month of the Islamic Calendar. Means: The first month of summer. "Jumada" means Freeze or dry. Another account relates that water would freeze during this time of year.

Title Hijri Dates Description
Victory of Barsa2 Jamadi-ul-Awwal 726HBarsa was succeeded conquest in the hands of Khan Bin Usman Khan.The Roman army was defeated here and Islamic lashkar entered the city and Khan did not intervene with the citizen and they agreed to pay for a capitation,then Usman died.
Pervaiza Campaign4 Jamadi-ul-Awwal 945HOne of the most significant Navy Wars incident in the history of Islam which was happened in 945 H / 1538.In which included 300 navy ships. At this century's famous European navy commander Andrea Torya was commanding of fleet.The Usmani Navy fleet consisted of 120 ships.Whose leadership was Amir-ul-Baher Khairuddin baar Barosa. Fought between both navy Fleets and Pervaiza in 4 Jamadi-ul-ula 945 AH/28 September 1538H. In which the Khairuddin Baar Barosa's fleets defeated the crusade fleets.
Victory of Khalid bin Waleed (RA)27 Jamadi-ul-Awwal 13HKhalid bin Waleed (RA) won the victory in Ajnadeen (Palestinians) compared to the Wardan.
Roman's Defeated27 Jamadi-ul-Awwal 13HArmy of Yazeed bin Abi Suffyan (RA) and Umro Bin Aas (RA) gathered in Ajnadeen.At the same time Roman marshalship Wardaan army also reached and then the first major campaign of the shaam was occured.Under the leadership of Khalid bin Walid, the Islamic army of 33,000 defeated more than one million Romans.
Muslims Army15 Jamadi-ul-Awwal 15HThe soldiers of the Muslims enter into the Azraat (South Shaam) after out of Hemes.