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Note: In some cases the date of islamic events is not given due to difference between various islamic scholars and writers.


Victory of Anmbar
  • 14 September 633

The Aayaz Bin Ganam (RA) did not have proper military strength.Then he asked for help from Khalid (RA). Hazrat Khalid (RA) decided to help him but before that he concentrated on eliminating the Iranian castles of the north in which the most important part was Anmbar.Khalid bin Waleed (RA) went ahead and put the slaughtered camels into Khandaq and when Muslims attacked them then Iranian's commander referral the fort on this condition that he is permitted to evacuation in peace with the included lashkar.


Conquest of Yarmook
  • 13 August 636

The command of the Muslims in Yemen was in the hands of Amrro bin Assa (may Allah e pleased with him). The first encounter in battle was with them, So their companions scattered and they stood firmly alone in front of the Roman people for a long time until their companions returned to them. The Romans had to lose very badly in the battle. After Yarmok's victory, Syria was divided among four commanders.


Decisive Campaign of Yarmuk
  • 12 August 636

Abu Ubaida (RA), under the affair, returned to Hemes from Damshiq. Abu Ubaid (RA) delivered his Leadership to Khalid Bin Waleed (RA). Romans defeated in Yermok war and near the waqoosa, the absconder Christian did not bear the pressure of Muslims the accumulation went into lowground from the upper edge of Yarmuk. .


Roman's Invasion and Victory of Muslims
  • 13 August 636

Hercul had gathered the largest army of its covenant.He wanted to invade on Muslims with consist of different nations.Here Roman Army reached Balbak behind left the Hemes. Muslims proceeding from Damshiq to West and Umro Bin Aas (RA) met them at the location of Jabia. Hazrat Khalid (RA) requested to Hazrat Abu Ubaida (RA) that the command of the army should be handed over to them so he hand over the command to Khalid (RA).They defeated the great army of Roman's.After that, Roman's did not stay with strongly in Shaam and they were defeated by Muslims.

10 RAJAB236 AH

  • 18 January 851

10 Rajab 236 H / 18 January 851 Muhammad Bin Abdullah Bin Aglab died and Instead, Muslims made Abbas Bin Fazal their ruler.


Hinge at Ain-ul-Tamar
  • 21 September 633

Uqba Bin Abi Uqba stopped Khalid Bin Waleed (RA) way with a large army of non-Muslim Arabs but the Muslims broke the Iranian waist from a strong attack.The army of Uqba ran away.Seeing this, the Mehran crossed the river Euphrates with its armor to the north. Hazrat Khalid proceeded over and hinge at Ain-ul-Tamar.


  • 3 September 635

During the siege of Damshiq, Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed (RA) was in the east of the city, Umro bin Aas (RA) and Sharjeel (RA) in the north, Abu Ubaida (RA) in the West and Yazeed bin Abi Sufyan (RA) was in the south. When they siege the difficult so, the leader of the Roman army, Nastas Bin Nasoras request for peace with Abu Ubaida.The Roman governor asked Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed (RA) for protection demand and here army fall in drowsiness due to celebration of son of Nomolude son of Nastas by which Khalid (RA) got an opportunity to conquer the East door.Here the Romans of the West Door put down the weapon the front of Abu Ubaida (RA)..


Victory of Damshiq
  • 5 September 635

Muslims returned to Damshiq after victory over the Romans and siege started again.Then the doors of Damshiq opened on Muslims and the city conquered and at this time the winter started and so Muslims lived in Damascus.


Victory of Egypt
  • 4 September 635

After the victory of Baysan, Muslims once again surrounded Damshiq. After all, Damshiq became victorious after a siege of seven months.


Victory of Domat-ul-Jandool
  • 4 October 633

Aayaz (RA) did not conquer Domat-ul-Jandool.The tribal calb, Bahera, Zajaam, Assan and Tanookh kept the hinge here.Khalid bin Waleed (RA) reached the help of Aayaz from the Ain-il-Tammar and Domat-ul-Jandool conquered.

24 RAJAB610 AH

In Islam, the traditional date of the Laylat al-Qadr, when Muhammad began to rec

Laylat Al Qadr is considered the holiest night of the year for Muslims, and is traditionally celebrated on the 27th day of Ramadan. It is known as the “Night of Power,” and commemorates the night that the Quran was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, beginning with the exhortation.

25 RAJAB922 AH

Marj-e-Dabiq Campaign
  • 24 August 1516

The relations between the state Usmania and the wealthy countries were very pleasant.There was a exchange of gifts and Askari victories were congratulated send, then it came to time that hatred, animosity and conflicts arose even army encounter reached between them.In the north of Hulb, the Usmanyon defeat Mamlokh Lashkar destructive in which Sultan Ghouri died.