Terms and Conditions

  • The company (which may call "we" "us" "our") is Aliens Tech (Pvt Ltd), the organization that operates Igreen.pk, Pakpedia.pk and mail services.
  • "you" / "your" / user regardless of whether you are an individual, group, or organization, and regardless of whether you are using the Igreen.pk or Pakpedia.pk our services on behalf of yourself or someone else (company).
  • In case of any offencive word related to sex of violation of pakistan rules and ragulation including Muslim religion, hacking attempt, email marketing or spaming, hate-speech/abuse content, misuse of any feature and against the cyble law activity: The Company (Aliens Tech Private Limited) or it's entire team (which operating all projects like: igreen.pk, pakpedia.pk & mail.igreen.pk) will not be responsible, even company has rights to give the confidential information like IP address & activity log to the athorities on the official notice. Please read our terms & conditions Carefully.
  • On the behalf of any official notice from the athorities, Company (Aliens Tech Private Limited) has reserved the rightes to terminate or suspend any user account or website content without any warning to the content auther.

The company (which may call "we" "us" "our") is Aliens Tech (Pvt Ltd), the organization that operates Igreen.pk, Pakpedia.pk and mail services. "you" / "your" / user regardless of whether you are an individual, group, or organization, and regardless of whether you are using the Igreen.pk or Pakpedia.pk our services on behalf of yourself or someone else (company). Please read our terms & conditions Carefully.


If you want to create a standard account, in most cases we require only a username and a password. Your username will be publicly visible, so please be careful about using your real name as your username. Your password is only used to verify that the account is yours. Your IP address is also automatically submitted to us, and we record it temporarily to help prevent abuse. No other personal information is required: no name, no email address, no date of birth, no credit card information.

Once created, user accounts cannot be removed entirely (although you can usually hide the information on your user page if you choose to). This is because your public contributions must be associated with their author (you). So make sure you pick a name that you will be comfortable with for years to come.

To gain a better understanding of the demographics of our users, to localize our services, and to learn how we can improve our services, we may ask you for more demographic information, such as gender or age, about yourself. We will tell you if such information is intended to be public or private, so that you can make an informed decision about whether you want to provide us with that information. Providing such information is always completely optional. If you don't want to, you don't have to it's as simple as that.

iGreen Mail

If you choose to provide your email address, we will keep it confidential, except as provided in this Policy. We may occasionally send you emails about important information.

You may choose to opt out of certain kinds of notifications.

You have the option of providing an email address at the time of registration or in later interactions with the Igreen.pk Sites. If you do so, your email address is kept confidential, except as provided in this Policy. We do not sell, rent, or use your email address to advertise third-party products or services to you.

We will never ask for your password by email (but may send you a temporary password via email if you have requested a password reset on your provided email). If you ever receive such an email without your action, please let us know by sending it to privacy@Pakpedia.pk/privacy@igreen.pk, so we can investigate the source of the email.

Direct communications between users (such as messages sent through the "Email this user" feature), to the extent such communications are nonpublic and stored in or in transit through Igreen.pk Company systems, are kept confidential by us, except as provided in this Policy.

Email service provides customers with the capability to send and receive email via the Internet. Website.com retains the right, at our sole discretion, to restrict the volume of messages transmitted or received by you in order to maintain the quality of our email services to other Subscribers. In Email section read carefully terms and conditions related to email, remember your password and email if you forget your password or theft anyone then you are responsible for this act according to law of Pakistan. If you forget your password then you must recover your password and if anyone theft your password then inform us on provide email address or website contact address. The Email Services may include important communications from email, such as service announcements and administrative messages. These communications are considered part of the iGreen mail membership and you will not be able to opt out of receiving them.


We believe that you shouldn't have to provide personal information in Doc/Article. You do not have to provide things like your real name, address, or date of birth to sign up for a standard account or contribute content to the Pakpedia.pk Sites.

We do not sell or rent your nonpublic information, nor do we give it to others to sell you anything. We use it to figure out how to make the Pakpedia.pk Sites more engaging and accessible, to see which ideas work, and to make learning and contributing more fun. Put simply: we use this information to make the Pakpedia.pk Sites better for you.

After all, it's people like you, the champions of free knowledge, who make it possible for the Pakpedia.pk Sites to not only exist, but also grow and thrive.

IGreen Blogs

IGreen blogs is a public platform for sharing and discussing political/personality views and DO NOT promote hate speech, pornography, Abuse, blasphemous/religious/cultural hate contents, Spam and hatred material/comments. We encourage our readers and viewers to pass their comments, views and criticism but within limits.

Our team will manually review all the comments once they go live, any comment with object able content will NOT be approved. Our site reserves the right to BLOCK access to any visitor, or registered blogger account if he/she does not comply on website terms & conditions.

Information We Collect

We use a variety of commonly used technologies, like cookies, to understand how you use the Pakpedia.pk Sites, make our services safer and easier to use, and to help create a better and more personalized experience for you.

We actively collect some types of information with a variety of commonly used technologies. These generally include tracking pixels, JavaScript, and a variety of "locally stored data" technologies, such as cookies and local storage. We realize that some of these technologies do not have the best reputation in town and can be used for less-than-noble purposes. So we want to be as clear as we can about why we use these methods and the type of information we collect with them.

Depending on which technology we use, locally stored data can be anything from text, pictures, and whole articles (as we explain further below) to personal information (like your IP address) and information about your use of the Pakpedia.pk Sites (like your username or the time of your visit).

We use this information to make your experience with the Pakpedia.pk Sites safer and better, to gain a greater understanding of user preferences and their interaction with the Pakpedia.pk Sites, and to generally improve our services. We will never use third-party cookies, unless we get your permission to do so. If you ever come across a third-party data collection tool that has not been authorized by you (such as one that may have been mistakenly placed by another user or administrator), please report it to us at privacy@igreen.pk Note: You are not allowed to write against our national interest.

We’ll be thankful if you find any hate speech, pornography, Abuse, blasphemous/religious/cultural hate contents, Spam and hatred material/comments, and requesting you to send us for removal or Edit on feedback or privacy@igreen.pk

Your Public Contributions

Whatever you post on Blogs.igreen.pk/Pakpedia.pk Sites can be seen and used by everyone. The Blogs.igreen.pk/Pakpedia.pk Sites were primarily created to help you share your knowledge with the world, and we share your contributions because you have asked us to do so.

When you make any contribution to any our site-specific section or any discussion forum, we are creating a permanent, public record of every piece of content added, removed, or altered by you. The page history will show when your contribution or deletion was made, as well as your username or your IP address. We may use your public contributions, either aggregated with the public contributions of others or individually, to create new features or data-related products for you or to learn more about how the Pakpedia.pk Sites are used.

Unless this Policy says otherwise, you should assume that information that you actively contribute to the Pakpedia.pk Sites, including personal information, is publicly visible and can be found by search engines. Like most things on the Internet, anything you share may be copied and redistributed throughout the Internet by other people. Please do not contribute any information that you are uncomfortable making permanently public, like revealing your real name or location in your contributions. Volunteer work and earn with us May also consider a part of this policy.

IGreen Software’s

Welcome to the network of software services provided by igreen.pk, Here are the ways that you can and can't use our website, we've tried to keep them brief and easy to understand.


If you are the publisher of a software title and wish to have it removed from igreen.pk, please send us a message via Feed back button including, your name, company, job title, the title of the software, and the reason for the takedown request. We will then contact you within 72 hours to verify your identity and your request will be actioned within a further 72 hours.

Contact Us

If you have questions or suggestions about this Terms & Conditions, or the information collected under this Privacy Policy, please email us at privacy@Pakpedia.pk/privacy@igreen.pk or via feedback.

Thank You

Thank you for reading our Terms & Conditions. We hope you enjoy using the iGreen.pk/Pakpedia.pk Sites and appreciate your participation in creating, maintaining, and constantly working to improve the largest repository of free data/knowledge in the Pakistan.

We will be very thankful to you promote and appreciate our website igreen.pk/pakpedia.pk, company and make a pride for Pakistan in national and international level.